Rise up the True Majority: The Underrepresented


OpenDialogues is a venue to engage in thoughtful discussion on matters that affect people underrepresented in our society.


What is OpenDialogues?

OpenDialogues is a new initiative that brings people of diverse backgrounds together to engage in intergroup dialogue. Its goal is to increase awareness about issues that affect communities whose backgrounds are underrepresented in society’s leadership, and find meaningful ways of communicating such issues into mainstream society to build greater equality and inclusivity. By sharing a diversity of experiences and perspectives, we can make our dialogues more enriching and empowering.

By engaging in OpenDialogues, we can turn awareness into advocacy, and advocacy into action.

What is an 'OpenDialogue'?

An OpenDialogue is a community circle discussion, facilitated by a moderator whose job is to move the conversation forward based on its own momentum. Each OpenDialogue is based on a prompt / topic, which could be an article, a video, or a person’s story.



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About OpenDialogues

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Bryant Ramirez, founder of OpenDialogues, has over a decade of experience creating, developing and running mentoring programs. Most notably, Bryant founded Deloitte Career Connections, which is in its fourth year, pairing high-potential students from disadvantaged backgrounds with career mentors from Deloitte.